Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lynnette Hallberg, Lace and a Pretty Face

Title: Chantilly Lace and a Pretty Face

Author: Lynnette Hallberg

Rating: Five Siren Stones

Genre: Romance

Word Or Page Count: 200

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Buy-Link (If available):

Reviewer: Yvette Lowe


Stone Powers needs a wife. Today. Though he hadn’t intended to marry—ever—the court refuses to award custody of his orphaned niece and nephew to a bad-boy, bachelor father. The only way to keep his family together is a sentence of play-acting at marriage for twelve months with a clause for parole at year’s end. So, when the beautiful answer to his prayers literally drops from the sky dressed in bridal white, he doesn’t hesitate to say, “I do.”

Supermodel Josie Holland can’t believe she’s even considering risking her career for a make-believe marriage. True, Stone is too sexy for his boots. But mother to two young children? Diapers and peanut-butter sandwiches? Not in her plans.

Oh, those best-laid plans!

And Stone agrees, for his simple plan takes a drastic turn when he finds himself falling in love with his pretend wife.


Lynnette Hallberg did an amazing job on this story! From the beginning I was totally in love with Josie and Stone. Josie is thrown into a crazy situation when she meets Stone. But her heart and her true dreams come out even shocking her.

Stone knows he has gotten more than he bargained for with Josie. This story had me laughing one minute, and crying the next. Lynette did a great job making you feel everything that Stone and Josie were going through.

This book is a must read for the true romantic at heart. If you have a chance, you need to take the time to pick up this great story. It will brighten even the cloudiest of days for you, and leave a smile on your face.

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