Friday, May 14, 2010

Nara Malone, The Dungeon Gourmet

Title: The Dungeon Gourmet

Author: Nara Malone

Rating: Three Siren Stones

Genre: Romance

Sub-Genre: BDSM

Keywords: Ménage

ISBN E-Book: 9781419927928

Publisher: Ellora's Cave


Reviewer: Becky Eastman


The Marquis de Bond blogs about cooking and kinky sex. While it may be easy to blog about sensual domination, applying it in real life has challenges. Recipes for love don’t follow plans. New ingredients show up unannounced, other ingredients turn stubborn and refuse to be what they are.

Sarai’s free-spirited submission drives Bond crazy but captures his heart. Sarai doubts the survivability of a relationship forged in fantasy. To prove her wrong, Bond invites the one man capable of stealing her away to join their sex play.

Now all three will discover if two dominant men are a recipe for love…or war.


The Dungeon Gourmet had a splendid blog weaved through the story that was able to express the sensuality the author was trying to portray the entire story.

However, without the blog, the book would have failed. The tale was confusing with male characters having female names but referred by both gender names. The main characters never fully developed, and the author never explained why the main character had a self-imposed submission. There were too many events which were unexplored, or not fully explained. The addition of a third for a ménage tried creating competition and animosity. The Dom ended up portrayed as whiny man instead of the sensual French Chef he was suppose to be. If you want a mindless read for sex, only this might be the book for you.

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