Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tabitha Shay, Witch's Brew; Book One of the Winslow Witches of Salem

Title: Witch's Brew: Book One of the Winslow Witches of Salem

Author: Tabitha Shay

Rating: Four Siren Stones

Genre: Romance

Sub-Genre: Paranormal

Page Count: 424 Pages

ISBN E-Book:1897559402

ISBN For Print (If available):978-1897559406

Publisher: Eternal Press

Buy-Link (If available): http://www.tabithashay.com/books.html

Reviewer: Kristin Manter


Saylym Winslow regains forgotten magical powers, but is determined to ignore them. No way is she a witch; magic brings nothing but trouble. But when Talon, Waken Prince and assassin of witches is assigned to terminate Saylym by stealing her soul, she discovers being a real, spell-casting witch is only the beginning of her problems.

Talon is enchanted by Saylym's beauty and charm and refuses to do his duty. He is given a choice by the powerful Waken Guild: Handfast with the trouble-making witch to keep her in line or they will send Drayke, the most ruthless Waken assassin, to hunt her down.


Witches Brew has everything needed to make it an instant classic! Comedy, conflict, graphic detail and true love.

The way this book intertwined the times gone by of the Salym Witch Trials, world history and pure fiction is flawless and captivating. The heroine, Salym Winslow, will have the reader laughing as she discovers the magic within her, as well, her true identity as a witch while she adjusts to living in the enchanted Sanctuary. Her initial humour is perfectly offset by the pure evil and brutal abuse she faces.

The hero, Prince Talon, develops from being a cocky and literally royal pain, to being strong and passionate. And the piece that eventually fits perfectly into the puzzle of Salym's life.

The chemistry between the hero and heroine is full of resistance, passion, and raw heat. The villains are truly vile, their quest purely evil, their motives entirely dark, and their methods absolutely vicious. The reader will be drawn into this whirlpool of a tale woven with descriptive talent and expert story telling. Because of the intensity at the climax of this book, the ending is both refreshing and welcome.

Beautiful and gripping cover, easy to follow layout, and skillful editing keep the reader drawn to the book with minimal distractions.

This book is a great introduction into the Winslow Witch Series. A definite must-read, and highly recommended by this reviewer.


Tabitha Shay said...

Ooh, TY so much for the wonderful review...it's gratly appreciated. Wow, I believe this reviewer covered all the bases...Now to share it with everyone....Tabs

paulab said...

Great review, Tabs, and well deserved. Paula Gorgas

Maggie Dove said...

Congratulations, Tabs, on a super review! You've done it again!


Tabitha Shay said...

TY ladies for your comments...they're greatly appreciated....Tabs

Unknown said...

Congratulations Tabs,
Fantastic review and this one sounds like another winner for you. Keep them coming. I'm one of your fans.