Friday, May 14, 2010

Sandy Sullivan, Wild Wyoming Nights-Wilder Series One

Title: Wild Wyoming Nights - Wilder Series 1

Author: Sandy Sullivan

Rating: Four And A Half Siren Stones

Genre: Contemporary Western

Sub-Genre: Paranormal

Keywords: Cowboys, Ghosts

Word Count: 55,831

ISBN E-Book: 1-60601-677-6

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Buy-Link (If available):

Reviewer: Becky Eastman


Abigail Carter lost her firefighter husband on September 11th. On a mission to heal her heart, she starts a new life in the prairies of Wyoming. Her neighbor, hunky rancher and quarter horse expert Chase Wilder, makes her heart race for the first time in years, but will she let him get close enough to warm the cold winter nights? Chase rescues Abby from her overturned car in an accident similar to the one that took his wife. His dormant libido goes into overdrive when he looks into Abby's beautiful green eyes. Unfortunately, she's still struggling with her grief, and Chase doesn't want to push her. Can the two find a way to overcome the past and have a future together?


Get your tissues, and hold on for the ride of a life-time.

This is a page-turner that simply cannot be put down until the end! Ms. Sullivan keeps the reader in tears on an emotional roller-coaster of heartache and laugher.

This is necessary read book, if you enjoy stories about hot, sexy, brooding cowboys. The book falls short of five stones, only because I did not like how the ghost of the deceased wife was sent away. The spirit is banished in a manner that was cold and cruel, instead of trying to show some of the love that had been shared between the two spouses.

Ms. Sullivan has a great start to the Wild Series, and I can’t wait to read the next instalments!

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