Friday, May 14, 2010

Sandy Sullivan, Wild Rodeo Nights-Wilder Series Two

Title: Wild Rodeo Nights - Wilder Series 2

Author: Sandy Sullivan

Rating: Five Siren Stones

Genre: Contemporary Western

Sub-Genre: Light Paranormal

Keywords: Cowboys

Word Count: 47,086

ISBN E-Book:1-60601-685-7

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Buy-Link (If available):

Reviewer: Becky Eastman


Carrie’s bitter. Losing her parents and finding out her teenage sister is pregnant with no father in sight, has just about left her without direction. Running her parent’s store dominates her days, until one hunky rodeo cowboy decides to help out. Will she let Cole become a permanent fixture in her life or will his temporary lifestyle become a wall she isn’t willing to climb? Can she convince him to stay?

Cole rides bulls. A temporary woman is right up his alley until he runs smack into one protective Carrie Marsh. When she sticks her claws into him at the bar, accusing him of getting her sister pregnant, he’s fascinated. Her hazel eyes snap fire as she pins him to his seat. Can he tame the hellcat with the tongue sharper than cheap tequila? Does he want to or will the call of the rodeo pull him away?


The Wilder brothers have returned! For those who never cry when reading a romance story, this one might be the one to open up those tear ducts.

The second instalment of in the Wild Series by Sandy Sullivan is intense. The reader will not want to put the book down until they have reached the back cover.

The lead characters seem to face difficulties from their first meeting, which is case of mistaken identity. Ms. Sullivan does a superb job with carrying the momentum, characters, intensity of brooding cowboys and love of family from the first book, Wild Wyoming Nights, into this book. If you enjoyed this first book, then this is a must read!

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