Monday, September 6, 2010

JM Stewart, Staking His Claim

Title: Staking His Claim

Author: JM Stewart

Rating: Four Siren Stones

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Keywords: Champagne Rosebud

Page Count: 190

ISBN E-Book: d5269

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press


Reviewer: Yvette Lowe


Kyle Morgan’s in love with his best friend. Unfortunately, he’s honor bound to keep a secret from her that not only prevents him from confessing his feelings, but also has the power to destroy their relationship.

Cecelia Anton has only ever wanted one thing—to find the answers to her mysterious past. But the search leads her into the arms of her best friend. While the attraction frightens her, she can’t deny the way he makes her feel.

The deep connection they share as friends only heightens the passion, forcing them to reevaluate their relationship. Are they willing to risk their lifelong friendship for the promise of love?


Cecelia wants to know about her parents, but with the death of her grandmother she feels that all hope may be lost. She knows that her grandmother only wanted Cecelia protected, but aren’t the everyday nightmares worse than knowing what happened so she can get on with her life? Cecelia knows who she can turn to, her best friend Kyle, he knows how to help her get the answers she has wanted for forever but he is always refusing to help. But why?

Kyle is in love with Cecelia and would love to help her get rid of the demons that haunt her nightmares, but he made a promise and he is bound by his honor to keep it. He really isn't sure if Cecelia knew the truth, if it would do more harm than good. Even though he can't give her the answers she wants he can be there for her to comfort her from the nightmares she faces now.

Staking His Claim is an endearing story of a man who is trying to protect the woman he loves. This is a sexy and heartfelt story of two people who must overcome many things to prove their love for each other, but who says they can't work it out in between the sheets while figuring a way into each other’s hearts.

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